A Liberal Arts Education

Georgia College is a Liberal Arts University.

Ask a few people what that means exactly, and you’ll likely get a few different answers. A simplistic explanation is – a liberal arts education is a “general, overall education.” Yes it is. But it’s much broader and deeper than that.

Far beyond simply memorizing facts and philosophies, a liberal arts curriculum teaches you how to critically assess the world around you. There is no more valuable skill than to be able to gather facts and opinions, process them, and make your own educated decisions. It’s a skill that gives you an advantage at any job, enhances your relationships, and leaves you personally fulfilled throughout your lifetime. Thinking is something the world could definitely use more of, and Georgia College sends lots of great thinkers into the world every year.

You will expand your horizons.

A liberal arts education is for students who want to explore everything, see every side of an issue, and form their own opinions. Sure, your liberal arts education will prepare you for a job… but more importantly, it will prepare you for a lifetime. In addition to your major course of study, you will be exposed to a wide range of different courses, ideas, and philosophies that will challenge you to think.

You will be prepared for whatever life throws at you.

During your working life, you will change jobs between 7-10 times. You might even change your life’s direction completely – ask around and see how many college graduates are still working in the discipline they went to college for. A liberal arts education teaches you how to think critically and how to learn with an open mind. It teaches you to view the big picture and the long term. It makes you a skilled, curious, and well-rounded person who is perfectly prepared to excel at anything you do in life.

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